Dear Earth is your favorite basics, constructed perfectly, from high quality fabrics that not only look great, but feel great to wear.

The brand started from an appreciation for sewing and evolved with the pure satisfaction received from making something nice, and making it perfectly. 

Dear Earth is and will always be made locally as creator Daniele Moore loves all aspects of the production process and will always be close to them.

‘My mom and grandmother were both very big sewers and my dad is very mechanically inclined - he can fix or build almost anything. I think I took something from both of them and found satisfaction in being able to make things. I can also thank them for instilling in me an appreciation and even awe for nature and for our Earth. â€˜

We are currently focused on knit basics in amazing, sustainable fabrics. Dear Earth is excited to expand and introduce new styles and fibers but will always continue refining the perfect t-shirt.

Dear Earth organic, sustainable, eco-fabulous apparel inspired and created by the finest fibers, of our earth.